January 22, 2022

Nathan had a chemo treatment on Thursday. He’s off and on with fevers he did get sick once. At this time he’s just very sleepy and has very little appetite. He does get up and walk the halls and at times rides a sitting bike. He had another blood transfusion this morning will have another treatment tonight (Saturday) then on again Sunday. Thank you again for all the prayers and everything everyone is doing for him and us.

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Nathan still has on and off fevers. Not much of a appetite yet either. Not much energy ,but does get up and walk and ride the bike. We still don’t know the exact date of next round of chemo will

Sunday was Nathan's last treatment for a couple weeks. This one he had the shivers (shaking side affect). They are now doing spinal test to get a spinal fluid sample. I'm not sure when we will

Nathan was running low grade fevers and was very pale in color. On Wednesday he fainted. After blood work he was sent to Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee and we found out he has AML CHILD leukemia.